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OBS Truck Spares is committed to giving customers a straightforward, practical, and affordable one-stop purchasing experience. Your go-to source for GM Genuine Parts & Accessories, we make it easier to purchase auto parts online for all Chevrolet vehicle models, including Tahoe, Suburban, Colorado, Silverado 1500, Silverado HD, as well as the rest of the GM lineup. We provide replacement car parts in addition to a wide range of accessories, allowing you to completely personalize your GM vehicle. No matter how big they are, restoration projects can be difficult and confusing. Our team has a wealth of aggregate experience in the repair sector.

Thanks to our crew of automotive parts experts, we painstakingly monitor pricing every day to ensure we're competitive so we can pass along the savings to you. While Chevrolet's parts staff, where we send our parts & accessories, has years of retail parts knowledge, our team is backed by them despite the fact that we may be the new kids on the block online. Buy now on our website! Whether you operate in the transportation, forestry, mining, construction, waste, transit, coach, emergency, or automotive industries, OBS Truck Spares has you covered. We are a leading independent supplier of original equipment and replacement parts to fleets, manufacturers, and end users.

By consistently offering superior customer service and high-quality parts, we strive to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We can provide you premium brand-name components at the most affordable prices because of our contacts with the largest buying organizations. Visit one of our online stores to see what we have in stock, including both common items and those hard-to-find parts. We can also give you a prompt and efficient delivery thanks to our fleet of delivery vans.

What Does OBS Mean?

The term OBS stands for “Old Body Style” which refers to the sturdy looks of the trucks manufactured before the 1990s before being remodeled in the early 2000s. Many classic truck lovers still take great interest in the OBS style due to its classic look and sturdy feel that makes it look unique. Even with newer models coming onto the market, so if you are looking for a complete guide on what an OBS truck is, this article has got you covered.

What Are The Criteria For OBS Trucks?

Apart from their retro looks, another criterion for OBS trucks is they are manufactured in America. They are also referred to as the trucks designed between 1988 and the late 1900s by some enthusiasts. With so many different definitions and criteria, the term OBS can vary for different individuals and is a little blurred. It is mostly used by old-school truck lovers who enjoy its retro feel.

Why Are OBS Trucks So Popular?

The love for OBS trucks has not declined. Two decades after the old-style trucks stopped being manufactured, the rise of popularity of these American-made trucks is still steadily increasing.So why are these trucks still so popular? After the new models started coming out, people quickly realized these designs were built for cost-savings and missed out on the attractive look and unique feel of the older trucks.

Modifications For OBS Trucks

TThe design of the OBS truck itself popular but many people add their own touch of modifications to enhance the features of this classic beauty. Most enthusiasts keep the original engine and other major components of the truck while modifying the external parts.

Painting the truck

Repainting the truck is one of the most common modifications practiced as the original paint of the trucks might not last that long. Adding a new color instantly brightens up the entire look of the truck.

Headlights modification

Upgrading the original headlights and taillights with the newer ones, like LED lights, provides better visibility to the customers and can make the overall appearance of the truck better.

Tinting the windows

Window tints are preferred by a lot of customers to change the look of the truck into a more eye-catching one and can instantly change the feel of the car.

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Exhaust upgrades

Many owners prefer to swap their old exhausts with chrome-plated exhaust tips. This increases the power of the vehicle and adds a sturdy feel to it.

Upgrading the tires

Another group of owners prefers upgrading their tires to oversized ones which raise the suspension system of the vehicle and give an eye-catching look to the truck.

Customizing Upholstery

Though many OBS lovers prefer keeping the classic interiors, a few of them decide to customize their seats and upholstery for a modified interior look.

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